Working with VoIP since 2000, I have lost count of the number of installs, upgrades and modifications I have carried out. I have a positive attitude toward change and learning - ready at anytime to suggest new ideas to get your project done creatively!
  • Gabor: With more than twenty years’ experience in the Telecom and IT industries, He has consistently led projects, worked in sales and marketing teams and led operations teams that have resulted in increased revenues, reduced costs, and salvaged customer relationships with large companies. He has successfully contributed his team management skills while motivating team members, fine-tuning project or sales plans. He frequently called upon to use his analytical skills to scrutinize company and client needs, as well as conceptualize innovative solutions. He was in company-mergers and acquisition projects.
  • Telecom service portfolio management in Moltelecom, GTS, Invitel, Euroweb 1998-2008
  • Lead service R&D projects for telenor and other medium size telcos in 2008-2011.
  • He worked on international expansion with seawing.hu, vcc.live, yellowcube.eu, comnica.com – over continents in 2012-2018.

We know what we’re doing because we’ve been doing it for a long time. And we’re good at it, too. As a team, we bring over eighty years of industry-acquired expertise to the table. VoiP System Engineers, Developers, Consultants, and Technical support specialists. At Calliotel, you’ll find it all, done well.


Why deal with multiple companies, when you can work with one? At Calliotel, we cover everything from consulting and engineering to wholesale call routing and VoIP support. Whatever a VoIP business needs, we can provide.


We are skilled at what we do and we really want is to learn from you. For every project, we make it our mission to work with you, to grow with you, and to assist you so that the end product isn’t just what you get, it’s exactly what you wanted.


Because we believe in doing it right the first time. The more we understand the requirements of the task ahead of us, the better equipped we will be to work out all of the custom-designed details in the final needs. While many companies will list for you the different platforms and vendors they develop in–and yes, we do it all–it’s not technology that guarantees successful results. What matters most is listening to clients, knowing how to efficiently develop within a budget, and ultimately custom designing solutions that are both flawless and intuitive. Our experienced team of consultants and developers will design what you need, implement it, test it, and even maintain it. From building VoIP systems to modifying source codes to creating phone applications, we’ll make sure that what we do works for you.


At Calliotel, we offer our clients the very best in service, expertise, and support. Passionate about our work and dedicated to producing innovative, customized solutions for every business we collaborate with, our results speak for themselves. But while our talents are diverse, and our specialties many, our formula for success and longevity is simple: Discover the need. Create the product. Apply it. And evolve. For every project, with every client, we are challenged to see things differently, through a renewed perspective, ensuring that our body of work is always original, inspired, and exceptional.

We are builders. Whatever your business needs, we can construct it, from the ground up. But first we need a blueprint. Calliotel works with clients to discover precisely what they are looking to achieve and how software can best meet those needs.

You have problems configuring something in your VoIP device? You need a custom VoIP feature implemented, and nobody can help you out? You need assistance with Wholesale/ITSP soultions/calling cards/call shop/PBX/pre and post-paid billing/custom Asterisk and OpenSIPS/Kamailio configurations/fax to email, email to fax solutions? You’ve come to the right place!


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