Do you have problems configuring something in your VoIP device?
Do you need a custom VoIP feature implemented, and nobody can help you out?
Do you need assistance with Wholesale, ITSP solutions, calling cards, call-shop, vPBX, pre and post-paid billing/custom Asterisk and OpenSIPS/Kamailio configurations/fax to email, email to fax solutions?
You are at the right place!

We have experience in developing distributed Kamailio, OpenSIPS systems for both small businesses and large corporate deployments. We specialize in providing high-level Kamailio, OpenSIPS Support to customers with standard implementations and highly customized Kamailio, OpenSIPS Solutions. VoIP implementations using Kamailio, OpenSIPS

lend flexibility to custom CRM integration, Call Center Integration, and automated bulk calling systems that are capable of sending thousands of phone calls per second. Our consultants are here to help you build your custom solution. If you are going to use Asterisk, Yate, Freewitch, OpenSIPS or Kamailio, then we can help you out!

CALLIOTEL CONSULTING SERVICESMultisite PBX vs CloudPBX analysis consulting

Do you have a large international network?
Do you have a fragmented collaboration service environment?
Do you want to improve your service quality on every site?

You can achieve these goals with us and we can help you optimise your telecommunication cost. First step to learning your business and tech environment after we help you design your different options with pros and cons, finally we help you setup your pilot environment and evaluation finally you can celebrate your successfully optimised collaborative network.

CALLIOTEL CONSULTING SERVICESCall/Contact Center Software comparison

If you want to find out how you can choose the convenient call/contact center software in your country?

The mass voice communication is starting with your purpose. All voice call campaign is different, so sometimes you need a well-developed contact center technology with omnichannel communication and sometimes you need a PBX and call handling system with CRM integration. Anyhow you will need some experts who have seen and tested

these technologies in several different call/contact centers, because all call/contact center developer and the provider wants to show how they can serve you but some of them not fit for your business from the beginning. We can help you to keep up the balance between the IT and Business team under the whole procurement and launch phase.

Telecom product development from A to Z

Do you want to extend your product portfolio with IoT, PBX or Cybersecurity as managed services?

You are in the right place, we deliver international experience and we help you choose a proper one and we help you go to market and beyond.

Business case development requests a wide range telecom knowledge and time, we are happy to help you reduce this time with our telecom mindset.

Product canvas can help you design your bestseller product if we combine it with real market survey analysis.


CRM, Marketing automation, Ticketing integration with VoIP

Do you feel you lose too much money because systems do not support your team and process?

Do you have too many opportunities but you have not enough time and experience to find your proper customer handling system?

Hundreds of technology are available on the online space with tons of features. Most companies chose a big brand like Salesforce or Atlassian because it has tons of features but never starts to use quarter of them, spend time for setup and finally inconvenient for your team and customers feel it and hate your business. Therefore we believe customer experience, digitalisation, automation are running together so when you make a decision on any customer related component we are happy to learn your purpose and show you pros and cons.


Customer Journey Map designing

Customer experience development,are small words with large job.

Our CX expert team can help you redesign your Customer Journey Map.

Digitalisation could be simple and cheap. It could be too difficult and too expensive. Therefore you need somebody who has seen faults and success stories.

Automation starts with internal processes updating. We invest to give you a real report and we put your business on a maturity scale after we can help you plan your next level.

Consultancy fees

Transparency is our key advantage in telecom and MSP consulting. Please share your consulting plan we keep it as a piece of confident information.


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