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RCS, Verified SMS, Verified Voice

Let’s be part of the future’s communication systems! Professional and passionable experts of us can help your business to take messaging, and phone calls to the next level, straight up to the cloud! Discover all the opportunities, we can offer you, like RCS, Verified SMS, and Verified Voice.


Make business messages safer and more personalized with RCS, just like with Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger chat apps. It’s time to share high quality pictures, and verified, colorful messages instead of the old fashioned boring ones!

RCS helps to build your global business, furthermore to connect with customers in a meaningful way. It offers you more, without limitation. Richer media, with unlimited messages, high quality images and videos, safety for trusted branding, ease for replying, simple and clear chat possibilities with bots and agents in a fast way. These can fundamentally belong to the customer’s device, so there’s no need to use any additional application.

book an appointment at your dentist
order a flight ticket without long searching
book a test drive at a care agency
market survey
play a simple knowledge game and get coupon
simple to order food or a taxi

“I use my native messaging app with any companies,
so bots and agents can help me simple. “


Verified Voice

Identification is the key to customer’s safety in business calls. Verified Voice identify the speaker’s voice just in a second, therefore enhance the customer’s experience with the brand’s logo or call reason, and increase security at the same time.
  • immediate identification via customer’s voice
  • safety and efficiency
  • money and time saving solution in brand communication
  • tricky calls are just the thing of the past
collection call and payment via phonecall
survey call from your finance or telecom service provider
upsell from your service provider
hotel call about your booking
insurance call about your issue
property security call you about a security issue

“I used to scare about the tricky caller.  When somebody says he is calling me from a bank but I can not be sure. Verified Voice service trusts the bank’s agent, so I am sure and calm.”
Simple SMS
  • unknown, dangerous sender
  • insecurity
  • irresponsible message
  • too simple, boring outlook
  • low open rates
Verified SMS
  • safe, controlled, believable messages
  • representation of business name, logo, sender ID
  • appearance of link previews
  • colorful, interesting outlook
  • grown message open rates

Verified SMS

Send trustworthy business messages with Verified SMS, so customers don’t need to worry about validation anymore. Awareness-raising functions, like the appearance of business name and logo, description, sender ID, link previews on by default, can help to eliminate the lack of trust in customers, moreover boost the experience of brand communication.

“Several companies send me messages
but I recognise the most important
and trusted if I got a Verified SMS.”
collection message: please pay your invoice
authentication code from your bank
emergency alarm about your bank account


Simply send us an email anytime you want. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to work with you.

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