INNOVATIVE VoIP TECHNOLOGYWhite-label managed VoIP service
means Calliotel CloudPBX

CloudPBX is a scalable, cloud-based business phone system designed to help you save money and stay focused on rapid growth. There's no big-ticket hardware required to serve thousands of companies.

A private branch exchange (PBX) system is a business-grade telephone network that enables communication both in and outside of your organization. A business phone system is different from a landline or mobile service in that it has additional service offerings, which typically include call conferencing, extension dialing, business hour settings to route off-hour calls, customer waiting for queues, voice recording and hold music.

Cloud PBX, also known as hosted PBX or virtual PBX, is an IP-based PBX solution provided and accessed completely through the internet or VPN from the high-secure cloud.

Calliotel CloudPBX is developed with the latest opensource technologies. All components tested on millions of real clients around the world, like FreePBX, OpenSIPS. Calliotel’s R&D team focus on performance, flexible handling and simple user interface because we want to serve our Teleco and MSP partners’ aim, sale and serve simple as you can buy a smartphone.
Balanced Engagement
Every business is different, so you have choices to decide the proper support from basic to ultimate 24/7 priority support.
Quick service delivery
Integration with Telco’s CRM/ERP, Voice Platform and pre built-in hardware -provisioning warrant your earlier revenue.
Early adoption consultation
To understand your aims and share international trends for your faster trend adoption.
Be competitive 30
Calliotel has a real agile development method, therefore we can deliver your competitive feature within 30 days or shorter.
High availability
All technology component support the highest service availability up to 99,99%/year, with different SLAs.
No presales engineer
Simple management interface enables to handle by S2 level support team.
Your telco or MSP can do for everyone

The green impact is your
Business potential

In contrast to POTS, VoIP systems can be implemented with minimal investment in hardware and therefore contributes less waste. Traditional phone systems require a lot of hardware that must be replaced

on a regular basis in order to remain technologically current. That’s a lot of old hardware that eventually ends up in landfills, where it will be an environmental blight for generations to come.

No local energy consumption
No local maintenance traveling
No additional local hardware shipping and setup
Easy to extend to mobile phones or softphones
No traveling needed to be in your office environment
Integration reduces working hours
Consulting made affordable

Pricing plan

Different matured companies have different needs. Calliotel White Label CloudPBX service packages can help you cover your market needs overall you can sell valuable add ons.: PIN authentication in IVR; Balance info with text2speech; Database search and proper answering with text2speech; Autofeedback gathering – NPS, CSAT, CET; Number masking Auto-customer phone database builder; Voice connection with programmed AI; Click to call Number masking; CRM integrations.

If your clients need more competitive features, let us know and we deliver them!
S - for small matured company
  • Web-based admin
  • Web user control panel
  • Predesigned IVR with voice
  • Voicemail via email
  • Lost call via email
  • 10 extensions
M - for medium matured company
  • S package+
  • Voice record & storage 30 days
  • Status handling
  • Open hours IVR with calendar synchro
  • Conference call
  • Ring group and rules
L - for highly matured company
  • M package +
  • Auto voice answer in IVR
  • Multilevel IVR
  • Follow me
  • VIP customer handling
  • Phonebook
  • Traffic control dashboard*
PIN authentication in IVR
If you want to serve your customers faster and safer the best choice if you apply a PIN authentication in your IVR. PIN numbers can come from your ERP system or any other CRM system.
Autofeedback gathering – NPS, CSAT, CET
If you want to know what is your customers' opinion about your company you can measure NPS, CSAT, and CET. This information can help you to improve your process, team knowledge, and technology because when you change something your customers promptly give you a simple feedback.
Balance info with text2speech
The system can pick up the details based on the phone number and pin authentication, sou you can decrease your support resource burning for simple tasks.
Number masking
Why Use a Masked Number? Phone conversations are essential to get business logistics in order. However, there is no need for involved parties to continue their interactions when the task is complete. Phone number masking is meant to ensure business communications safely and insightfully: Protection of user and employee privacy – customers can safely interact with your company’s services, while employees can also be sure their phone numbers are not shared.
Auto-Agent with database search and proper answering with text2speech
If you want to automate your service info and delivery status, you can connect your database with VPBX technology and you can support your customers 24/7/365 without any agent.
Voice connection with programmed AI
Programmed AI technology can help you build up a long phone conversation without a Robot agent. Our technology has a direct connection with Google and it can manage 140 different languages. It is a good choice for those companies who wants to inform customers about simple things, e.g. legal notice, payment reminder, service change, trouble-ticket for part of customers.

CloudPBX & CRM integrations in 2020

CRM technologies are rapidly developing and business clients use more and more features, therefore they are adhering to them. CloudPBX integration is a great opportunity to close to your clients for a long time.
Calliotel team is integrating the large brands as soon as possible but our priority is flexible and we are ready to reschedule as your market needs. Our telco and MSP providers have a friendly partner who can listen, plan and deliver on time.

CloudPBX integrations improve your Clients’

Customer Experience strategy * Customer Engagement * Customer Journey Map * NPS * CEST * CET

Calliotel system features
in your hosting centre or from Calliotel’s private cloud

1. Full PBX features + MVNO option

2. Voice recording & storage

3. Pre/postpaid billing system

4. DID number pool management

5. Overall system monitoring

6. Provisioning API to telco’s CRM/ERP

7. Full SIP server functionality

8. Fraud detection & alarm

9. Web based end user interface

10. Web based admin interface

11. Customised Android, Apple, Windows App

12. SMS, email notification

13. Calendar based call handling with MS outlook,
Google calendar

14. Direct API to 10+ CRM softwares’ Rest API

15. Direct LDAP API

16. Google, Amazon text2speech, speech2text
with 140+ languages

17. Payment with Paypal, auto top-up option

18. Optional connection with WhatsApp, FB Messenger,
MS Teams, Viber (from 2020)

Use cases

For mobile service providers
Fast service delivery via any mobile network and native mobile extension so not need local PBX and wired network capability
Easy to setup and maintenance from the cloud
Help your clients be matured and engaged with your service
For landline service providers
Move from expensive ISDN/E1 to clear VoIP service delivery
Integrate with leader CRM technologies and enjoy your clients growth with you
Keep up your innovation and generate more profit on your robust and expensive network
For Managed Service Providers (ISP, Hosting, Security)
Forget to sell and maintenance-free software which generates high maintenance cost, just enjoy a proper solution and your headache will be flushed
Development is not stopping so Calliotel test and implement the latest voice technologies, like robocall with BI
Security is a serious aspect for MSPs, so Calliotel deliver the highest security level as you need

Security 360 Policy ©
  • IT & Physical security policy

  • System development policy

  • Long term business policy

  • Business continuity compliant policy

  • No backdoor

  • Private-cloud for LE 500+ extension

  • GDPR compliant contract

  • Ready to insert your secure network inép1.png

How do we
work with you?

All telecom company is different as yours. Because you have a different market size, developed market, technology, and your team knowledge. So we have to understand your market and your business aims.

STEP 1Define the type of project

Greenfield or Migration
If you have not any PBX technology yet you have a greenfield project. This time we work together to analyze your market and find the proper services and packages for the impressive sales results. If you have on-premise or virtual PBX services and you want to find out how you can make more margin and be more competitive in your market, we can show you a tested business model.

STEP 2Define the timing

Several companies are looking for something to sell but they do not know why it is so important to sell sophisticated products then a telephone subscription or virtual storage. Those telecoms and MSPs can move fast, who have learned this session. We are happy to help you, how you can earn more money on your network and service platform with your acquired and new clients.

STEP 3Business model

Someone is ready to invest more money for the highest profit rate and some of them not but they want to enjoy the new revenue stream. Calliotel is a new generation vendor for telecom companies, so we are ready to work with you independently you want to invest or just sell because we believe the success is dependent on both parties.

STEP 4Build up a new revenue stream

You will be sure we can deliver our promises from technology to team development to digitalised process. The successful company is starting with the customer experience strategy and Calliotel team can leverage yours.


Simply send us an email anytime you want. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to work with you.

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